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2019 Vancouver, BC, MAIWA: BINDING TIME

  • Maiwa 1310 Odlum Dr Vancouver, BC V5L 3M3 Canada (map)

If you want to sign up for this workshop, you’ll have to wait until about JUNE, 2019. Be sure go to the Maiwa Maiwa School of Textiles, scroll down on the RIGHT-HAND side of the page to sign up for their notices. They will send out a notice when registration opens, which will probably be in JUNE, 2019.

The diary must have always existed in a primitive form, but the first regularly kept diary of daily reflections dates back to the late Renaissance period, when the importance of individualism began to take hold. During this time, people began to keep commonplace books where assemblages of notes, ideas, inspirations, recipes, and quotes were recorded and kept. In this workshop, we will take inspiration from the historical form of personal record-keeping to create hand-bound books using paper, fabric, inks, natural watercolors, indigo, and hand-stitching. This workshop has been designed to allow participants to create individual pages using both paper and fabric, which we will dip into an indigo vat, draw on using inks and watercolors, and embroider upon using stitched marks invoked by our own breath and bodies. Finally, we will assemble all these elements and use a traditional Japanese stab-binding technique to create the finished book. As we are individuals, the size of each persons work will vary,  depending on what each person desires.