Why bind your hoop?

Sometimes tightening your hoop with the screw at the edge of the outer ring can seem like you’re fighting with your hoop.

I didn’t know that “binding” a hoop was a way to abate having your fabric slip or move once inside the hoop.
Once I tried it, I was hooked.

When you bind the inside of your embroidery hoop, it adds a decent amount of friction and adds padding to make your hoop tighter and be easier on your fabric.

What you will need

• A wooden hoop

• Cotton twill tape or ribbon
(bias tape will work, but will not give you smooth coverage)

• Clothespins help hold the tape in place

• Scissors

• Sewing thread and needle
(have it pre-threaded and knotted in the needle)

In this demonstration I’m using a fine cotton twill tape that is 1/2” wide because my wooden hoop is 5/16” thick.
I sell a 6 inch x 5/16 inch German made wooden hoop in my online shop.

Begin the binding

Begin at the inside of the hoop.
Place the end of the binding at an angle inside the embroidery hoop so there’s a small tail of binding extending beyond the hoop edge.
Start to wrap the twill tape at an angle and then place a clothespin to fold over and hold down the end of the tape.

Wrap the binding

Use clothespins to hold the wrapped areas in place.

Try not overlap the binding twill tape.

With a bit of practice, your binding twill tape will nestle nicely as you wrap at an angle.

Keep winding until you reach the beginning

Continue to wind until you meet the start of the twill tape.

You might need to fuss a bit to get the tape looking smooth before you actually sew the ends.

If everything looks good, tuck the short end under the long one and wrap to overlap the shorter end.
Place a clothespin to hold this all in place.

Stitch the overlapping tape end using whatever stitch you can do. (whip stitch).
You should sew down the edge of the inside ring and through both pieces of the twill tape.

Clip the extra tape. and Viola! you’ve got a sweet hoop all ready for your work.

I used orange cotton thread to use as a sample, however, on my “real” hoop I used white thread, and I can tell I overlapped a little bit towards the end. I’ll have to re-do it!