Eco print

Wool scarves, black walnut, local leaves. Christine Mauersberger, 2012

Dyeing with plants is  a process that gives beautiful and sometimes surprising results.  It is also a gentle and ecologically sustainable alternative to synthetic dyes.

An ecologically-safe work-practice is used to dye each scarf.  I practice safe dye handling and proper occupational health and safety rules when working with the natural plant materials. Even innocuous-seeming plants can be fatal if ingested.

No toxic chemical adjuncts were used in generating or fixing color.  A variety of leaves and other plant materials are used to create a “transfer-print” just as you might see in printmaking on paper, this process requires the use of natural materials, water, heat, and time.

All used plant material is recycled into my compost pile to feed my garden and the natural plant cycle continues.


My scarves and stationary at these locations:
Evie Lou
Appletree Books
Still Point Gallery
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