Circles in Spring: Teaching in Switzerland and announcing a workshop in Ireland

Lake Erie

According to the calendar, Spring has arrived, although it still appears to be late Winter here along the shores of Lake Erie. 

The clock is ticking and I've been preparing for teaching a 4-day session for the Texartacademy in Mugena, Switzerland soon.

I'm looking forward to meeting new people and seeing new vistas. 
And I can't wait to meet Marlis Egger in person who is founder and organizer of TexArtAcademy.

Two of the stitched works I'll bring with me 

Two of the stitched works I'll bring with me 

One thing I do like about Spring is tree silhouettes before they leaf out.

 A small work using AU VER À SOIE SOIE D'ALGER®silk thread.

And here is the same piece as of last evening. I've added 2 more shades of blue as the circle expands.

I like to stitch the circle shape because it has deep meaning for us. It is universally understood and can be drawn to be filled, empty, partitioned like a pie, colored or not, dimensional or flat, and no doubt, many more renditions can be expressed using the circle shape. 

For me, the circle represents time.

I plan to bring these time-based works and others with me when I teach in Mugena, Switzerland beginning Thursday, April 11 - 14, 2018. 
I think the circle will be a good place to begin our lessons. 


I've been invited to participate in a Linen Biennale in Northern Ireland this Summer at the Millennium Court Art Centre in Portadown, 

I don't have all the dates and details, however, I will travel there to install my work and teach a one-day workshop. Introduction to Meditative Hand Stitching. 
Probably end of July? Because the Linen Biennale will be held from August 1 - October 31, 2018.
Email me if you want to know more. Especially if you live in Northern Ireland and want to take a little class from me. 
my email is