thinking out loud

Now to what is next. Can I make money selling my art?

My printmaking endeavors this past Fall has merited a small show Stillpoint Gallery in Cleveland in February 2015. 

I'm thrilled. The owner Kate Baker is lovely and I think these works will be well received. And maybe I'll sell a few. 

Can I make money selling my work? I've had a huge fear about selling my work for quite some time.

And sure, I had an online shop for 12 months between 2013-2014 called Hank & Spool where I sold soft goods that I knew other like-minded people would want.

It was emotionally easy. There was no risk associated with my ego.

I shut the shop down in May, 2013 so that I would return to my deeply held desire to make artwork.

Now, selling my own work is another ball of wax.  

My stitched work is personal and I am working through this fear about selling my work. Would someone really buy my work? Does it stack up to my high ideals? What if it doesn't sell? then does that mean I don't measure up? ARGHHHHH. 

I will make the big step to quash my fear. 

After 6 plus months since I've re-engaged with my true self, Christine Mauersberger the artist,  I feel I'm back at it. It took me many months of working in the studio as much as I could. 

For example:

Stitching on leaves in the summer and drawing and stitching on fabric.

And my eco prints on paper using Catalpa leaves

And my printmaking using the Catapla leaves.

 I will open an online shop where I will sell  bits and pieces of what I've got remaining from Hank & Spool and some of my stitching on fabric and leaves and my newer prints. 

 I'd like to do think I can make money doing what I love. 

Stay tuned.

Now, I must frame a body of work. 

Sigh.. I don't want to spend another nickel on framing. I framed 8 pieces in early December to the tune of a small fortune. Ouch*. I've covered that expense by selling my eco print scarves during the holidays. Good that the scarves sold, Good that I covered my costs, bad that I broke even.

*I'm adding a note here that I am not saying I regret spending the money to frame the prints, they needed to be and my good friend and expert framer did give me a good deal.

Quite frankly, I want to make money, not break even. 

So I'm going to reuse any and all of previously framed artwork.
I'll cobble it together and make it work.

What follows are a few images  of what I'm thinking for framing.

You can see an older line drawing in that lovely pearlescent white frame (which has been languishing in my closet. 

Now, I think this winter-colored leave print on golden metallic paper will work fine.

Left, Cross Roads drawings circa 2009. 

I'll swap out the older work for this piece, perhaps...


Happy New Year.