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Winter sky colors

I hope you've been able to do a bit of your own art work during this holiday season. I couldn't wait to return to the printing studio this morning.

I picked up some pale metallic-colored paper at a discount warehouse nearby on Saturday and have been chomping-at-the-bit to get to it.

The Catalpa leaves I used in the eco printed paper I cooked up this past fall continue to give beautiful color...with a bit of careful handling, ink, paper and patience.

Remember these images from October? 

I'm still using those leaves. 

If you look closely at the photo below you can see where the leaves themselves are beginning to deteriorate. Bits and pieces of the leaves are breaking off. 

I like it.

Not sure about these un-leaf-like colors, but it doesn't matter.

I will continue to press on. (heh heh) a printmaking joke.

The colors remind me of winter sky at dusk.
Can't wait to continue tomorrow.

I'm amending this post by adding what Erin Daniels wrote to me.  "just dawned on me what they remind me of - looking at leaves that are frozen in an icy pond - just gorgeous!"