indigo dye

A Weekend Made for Stitching

Recipe for a stitching weekend: Add 4 friends + 1. Gather in a 1700's farm house near the dormant winter orchards. Settle in, make good food, dye some fabric, stuff some in a jar. Watch the neighbors snowshoe over to sweep off the path for us. Enjoy productive days, and wine-filled evenings stitching with no other distractions and make art a practice.

Blue and Rust

I tried my hand at Michel Garcia's 123 Organic Indigo Vat see instructions here


Hand dyed thread using indigo

 The image above shows the silk/cotton thread, mulberry silk, and in the back...alpaca! Was proud that I was able to make lovely hanks of the dyed thread. I have figured out a way to make my hanks shape up and behave just like they did before they were dyed.


Colors from indigo

I also dyed silk/wool gauze.  And then I placed the fabric on a rusty table. Haza!


Also tried my hand at letting the rusty table work its magic on the silk/wool broadcloth. 


First trial with silk/wool broadcloth on rusty table-top. 

Large leaves acted as a resist on the rusty table-top.