eco-dyed fabric

Sometimes you need heat for peach leaves

Left to right, Peach leaves on wool overdyed with indigo, peach leaves on wool, rose on wool scarf, indigo and rust on linen.


Super soft silk scarf, barely eco-dyed...

But All is Good. Not to worry.

We visited my hubby's bro and sister-in-law on their farm in Southeastern Ohio earlier this week. I brought back some peach leaves.

Heated up a pot on Wed. evening to eco-dye the wool scarves and a new super-soft silk scarf.

After 30 minutes, my propane fizzled out and the pot NEVER reached a good bubble-slight boil.


Peach leaves on paper

The peach leaves worked well on smooth bristol paper. 

Right, Peach leaves on Fine Wool Scarf, Left, Rose leaves on Fine Wool Scarf. Ok, but I will probably over-dye.

Rose leaves on wool scarf

Peach on wool scarf

I let the large linen scarf have a moment with a fading indigo bath then placed it ontop of the rusty table for a few days.

SAW-eet. Lovin' this scarf all blue, rusty and softy linen. 

 Morna can tell you how soft...

My best friend, Mary Beth 

My best friend, Mary Beth 

This scarf is is the definition of lithe. 

Mary Beth thinks it's the perfect Wedding Scarf. hmmm. 

My dearest and best friend since first grade, Mary Beth (remember when I went to Germany?) was with me at lunch yesterday wearing the super soft silk scarf.  

I had just received these scarves that morning and she modeled it so well, I gave her one. 


An apple skirt story

In May this year, I spent a long and lovely weekend with Lotta and Kelly see here.  

During this splendid weekend, I did a little eco-dyeing using apple leaves on silk jersey knit. Then I decided to try my hand Alabama Chanin's swing skirt, it is my improvisation on that pattern. 

Apple skirt, in process, Christine Mauersberger, 2013

laying out apple leaves

unwrapping the eco-dyed cloth

I used the recommended thread to outline and stitch together the 2 layered skirt, and then used superlustre mulberry silk thread in the center seam as a final detail. 

Detail, center seam using superlustre mulberry silk thread

Center seam

Skirt pattern laid out, before cutting.

Apple tree, New Buffalo, MI, 2013