dyed wool scarves

Wool in July and Prepping for the Fall

Many of you know that I did have an online shop where I sold wool scarf blanks and other goodies for sewing. 

I shut it down in May 2014 in order to concentrate on my own artwork.

I've been lamenting the fact that I did not have access to wool scarves for the Fall/Winter Season in the USA. 

I sold all the scarves and didn't know where I could find a new resource for the scarf blanks. 

But by magic, or good karma, the winds of change opened a window and I was able to purchase a large quantity of wool scarves once again.

And now my shop is open again for a small window of time.

Click HERE to link to my shop.

Shipping to USA customers only (sad face) because shipping overseas is too complicated for my brain today. 

These wool scarves take dye and eco print like "butta".

I plan to dye as many as I can and resell them at 3 local small boutiques. I've already got Holiday orders pending...(yippee).