Show announcement and Fall prints

I'm pleased to announce that my piece, , Timelines has been selected to be i in the  World of Threads Festival  (WOT) in Oakville, Ontario, Canada in  THE RED AND THE BLACK exhibition.

Opening reception is on November 1, 2014 and can't wait to see the entire exhibit which features 255 artworks by 97 artists. This will be the 20th anniversary for WOT. 

See all information on this link HERE.


Show curators, Dawne Rudman and Gareth Bate conduct weekly artist interviews. I am honored to be the focus of interview # 128. Grab a cup of something warm, cuz it's a bit the interview HERE


I've been working on several new series lately and have been stitching daily, but am not ready to share that work yet, but soon!

What is making me excited this week is that I've taken the Catalpa leaves as seen here, and run them through a printmaking press at Cleveland's premier printmaking co-op, Zygote press using Akua water based (non-toxic) inks. 

First I use the leaves as eco prints on fabric, then, after I've unrolled my eco print bundle, I take the leaves and press them in old phone books. I like the way the leaves look all cooked and dark. later, I soak them in glycerin and water to give the leaves some body so that they don't rip when I'm running them in the press.

I like to be able to use the leaves as eco prints and as mono prints. Endless beauty!

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More snow and dreaming of ranunculus

This weather happened today. As sad as this moment looks, I found flowers in my studio.

That's my mailman, across the street, and that's a view out my back door.


I decided to do some line drawings of flowers I hope to see grow in my yard.

And, I've been thinking about the botanical genus known as Ranunculus

 I made a small red felt flower a few years ago and it hangs in my back hall tied to a wall sconce. It sort of looks like a ranunculus.

During the stitching weekend, Kelly said that my walnut-indigo piece was beginning to look like a ranunculus flower. So, rather than to imagine what the flower looks like, I'm investigating flowers and drawing them in very basic and simple terms. 


I'm running with it and will use the idea  to inform future works. I used Erin's walnut crystals to make the circular shapes, and a quick dip in Lotta's 123 indigo vat to add blue on 100% wool fabric. 

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If you click on any of the photos, they will enlarge

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