Second Sight (Second Site) Studio Exhibit

Catching up on old news, I intended to post a blog about this show, better late than never...


In August, a group of artists from Cleveland and I installed  our work at Second Sight (Second Site) Studio in the Franklinton area of Columbus, Ohio.

As a bit of background about the show,  this same group of women-artists exhibited in Cleveland in 2012. I blogged about 6 in studio in April, 2012.

We had such a strong connection to each other as we created our work and decided that we should do it again. Therefore a 2nd exhibit was formed and we decided to call our show RE:CLE:6. 

Our friend, Mona Gazala had moved to Columbus and purchased a (then) dilapidated house for a mere fraction of what a house would cost. She was lucky the plumbing was still in tact. She calls the studio Second Sight (Second Site) Studio. 

Mona lives in the house and opens her entire space for artists to exhibit their work. 

Mona is a pioneer in her neck of the woods, er, inner-city.

This show was up from August 10 - September 15, 2013. 

I installed a piece entitled, Setting Space, in the living room. Photograph on wall is by Michelle Marie Murphey. The fiber-coiled work on mantle is Kelsy Leib.

Grace Summanen installed her 3-D painting in the nook near the kitchen

I was intrigued by the floor and the doorway and felt the need to cut paper and make a small installation on the floor. I entitled this piece, Flored 

Mona lives in a neighborhood that is marginalized for its poverty and boarded-up houses.

I think Mona is doing her part to re-activate her place in Columbus.  She's given the area of her street the moniker, "Bellows End".



DESIGN: Rolls (a group who is interested in the architecture of Columbus) biked into the neighborhood to view the old school house across the street and to stop into the gallery on opening day. 

Michelle Marie Murphy (photography) , Mona Gazala, installation of field grass in the floor.

Michelle Marie Murphy, photography, Meredith Hahn's work is seen through the doorway into the kitchen. 

Activated door, Christine Mauersberger, installation August 10, 2013.