New Year

Investing in Oneself

I don't make resolutions, however, I prize the blank slate that new year brings.
Don't you? Tell me what you're doing, I'd love to know.

Notebook drawing, A non-list, list

Website Overhaul

Realizing that my website was overdue for an overhaul, I succumbed to the time-sucking endeavor to learn how to change the template for my website. And it's been no less than 60 hours of clicking, reading 'how to's', watching videos, deciding which template will do what I want or comes close to what I want. 

Squarespace hosts my site. 
Pros: They offer clean, well-designed templates and the option to switch templates at anytime. And your website is mobile-ready immediately

Cons: You have spend about a week or so learning about what each template does and doesn't do for you. And you must be the sort of nerd, like me, who accepts the challenge. . 

Short list of other fresh news.

  • Purchased some lovely notebooks from The Goulet Pen Company in Virginia. And they are truly committed to customer service. My order came wrapped to ensure that the notebooks arrived without a bruise. 
    I adore the way the paper feels in my Mnemosyne notebooks and the Clairefontaine, and Apica brands as well. 
  • Listening to The Invention of Nature by Andrea Wulf (to say I'm captivated would be an understatement). 
  • Purchased a few online courses and watched them on Creative LiveCreative Capital, and continued watching some TED talks and listening to my favorite podcasts. 
  • Organized my photos on my computer...almost there.
  • Will continue to adjust and tweak my website.
  • Will be in several exhibitions this year, much work to do!
  • Will teach 2 mini workshops for hand stitching at MAIWA in Vancouver, BC in September, 2016.
    More information to come.

For those of you who are awaiting the arrival of a fresh selection of blank scarves...
They will be in my hands by end of January.
I'll sort through, photograph, and place in my shop for you.

    Once in a Lifetime

    Turn up the volume and dance baby!

    started the day by listening to some good tunes and dancing. All this activity while my beloved was outdoors using the snowblower to clear off the deep snow brought in by the new year. 

    He came indoors for a cup of hot cocoa and saw me dancing. Then sent this link of David Byrne Singing.

    I think it's a good to start to dance to bring in the day.

    I am making new artwork and loving it. Are you?

    I am making a large installation piece for a show at Hedge Gallery in Cleveland, Ohio beginning Feb. 21, 2014.  These are photos of work in progress. A little sketching with gouache to start the new year off with color.