Lois Sturgeon

Tweed Hat by 13 Threads

I received my hat made by 13Threads. And it's gorgeous! Don't you think?

Even more exciting is that it was made with my very own handwoven tweed and lined with Liberty of London fabric. Go on, it's adorable...

Not one for allowing selfies...I had to forgo my quarantine on pics of myself so you could see the magical hat.

 The divinely creative designer behind 13Threads is Lois Sturgeon.  All of her creations are a mix of the old with the new most certainly lust-worthy. She has a particularly pleasing sense of style and creates some of the most desirable clothes I have ever seen. I obsess over each piece and appreciate her point of view. She lives and works in in Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

When I saw Lois's hats on her Facebook page,  I wanted one. It was a bold move on my part to ask her to use my fabric, but she was gracious to accept the idea of using the tweed. I've written to Lois in the past, this wasn't just a cold-call as it were. We almost met up in Edinburgh last August but it didn't work out for both of us, but I think the Tweed meeting her hands is almost a better deal.



The tweed was made using imported Scottish tweed yarn from a small mill in the Scottish Highlands, it was woven in a 2/2 twill herringbone. I made the fabric in 1986 at the Marshfield School of Weaving in Plainfield Vermont with Norman Kennedy. My first trip to weave in Vermont was in 1980 when I made two blankets.  I wrote about it here.

What a splendid collaboration of sorts and so very gratifying to see my fabric travel to Scotland (where the yarn was born) and then return in a new form to me.

Photos via 13Threads Facebook page

You can own your very own hat too. Please visit her Etsy shop and see the variety of colors she offers.  See her website here, her Etsy shop here, and be sure to like her Facebook page here.

Rumor has it that she is making another hat for me to be able to sell in my shop. If you are interested, please email me. It's going to be only one of 3 ever made from my fabric. Of course I gave enough fabric to Lois for her to have one for herself.

Before I arrived in Scotland she suggested a delightful not-to-be-missed coffee shop in Edinburgh called Lovecrumbs


I did go and enjoy a proper cup of coffee (Long black) and chocolate pepper cake.  (photos from late August, 2013.


You may recall that some of this tweed was also used for the Gathering Pocket made by Erin Daniels.  I wrote about it here.


I guess you could say that my tweed is getting around.