Red Spring, long walks, long drawing

I've been quietly working on ideas finding inspiration from nature. 

I usually walk about 2 to 3 miles every day or so. I like to find relationships between changes in growth in nature (aka the passing of time) and how I can convey that idea in my artwork. 

I'm working on an installation for a temporary space in an abandoned house in Cleveland this May for an event called Rooms to Let.  The empty house will be used as temporary canvas for artwork. 

My understanding is that I get to do whatever I want to. 


Time to make something big.

I started drawing on a roll of paper using a red felt-tipped marker.

It's about 14 feet long thus far.

I've also been thinking about shadows. 

I hope you're enjoying Spring here in the northern hemisphere. 


More snow and dreaming of ranunculus

This weather happened today. As sad as this moment looks, I found flowers in my studio.

That's my mailman, across the street, and that's a view out my back door.


I decided to do some line drawings of flowers I hope to see grow in my yard.

And, I've been thinking about the botanical genus known as Ranunculus

 I made a small red felt flower a few years ago and it hangs in my back hall tied to a wall sconce. It sort of looks like a ranunculus.

During the stitching weekend, Kelly said that my walnut-indigo piece was beginning to look like a ranunculus flower. So, rather than to imagine what the flower looks like, I'm investigating flowers and drawing them in very basic and simple terms. 


I'm running with it and will use the idea  to inform future works. I used Erin's walnut crystals to make the circular shapes, and a quick dip in Lotta's 123 indigo vat to add blue on 100% wool fabric. 

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