Drawing + Doodles Inform my Artwork

Dear readers, I am fascinated by line drawings.

In January, 2009, I was interested in making marks in my sketchbook every day of the year. After few weeks of line drawings, I decided that I wanted to see those marks in stitch.

Below is a photo of my line drawing. I refer to is as a map of a walk.

This is the interpretation of the line drawing (above) in stitch on vintage linen.

I decided to show the drawings/stitched works in tandem.

 Redland II, work on paper, 11 x 17 inches (left) Redland II, embroidery on vintage table linen, mounted on industrial wool felt 20 x 20 inches (right),C. Mauersberger

Crossroads, 2009, C. Mauersberger. Drawing on top, stitched piece on bottom

Detail Redland II, 2009, embroidery floss hand-stitched on vintage table linen. C. Mauersberger

Today, a few years since beginning my serious line drawing practice, I still use those marks to inform my textile work.

Here are some doodles from this week.

Hmmm, might need to stitch some...

Drawing/doodles from 3.17.14

Heavy weight watercolor paper. Eco print using local leaves. The paper edges picked up brown walnut from the eco print dye bath. Eco prints were in my stash drawer since fall, 2012 when India Flint was here in Cleveland, Ohio.

Yesterday,  (a full year and 5 months later) I used a micron pen to enhance these pages. 

Do you doodle or draw? and how does that activity inform your art work?

It would be grand to hear from you.


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Once in a Lifetime

Turn up the volume and dance baby!

started the day by listening to some good tunes and dancing. All this activity while my beloved was outdoors using the snowblower to clear off the deep snow brought in by the new year. 

He came indoors for a cup of hot cocoa and saw me dancing. Then sent this link of David Byrne Singing.

I think it's a good to start to dance to bring in the day.

I am making new artwork and loving it. Are you?

I am making a large installation piece for a show at Hedge Gallery in Cleveland, Ohio beginning Feb. 21, 2014.  These are photos of work in progress. A little sketching with gouache to start the new year off with color.