Erin Endicott Sheldon

Erin Endicott Sheldon Gathering Pocket # 2 of 3 is SOLD

this just in...The Gathering Pocket sold on Sunday, Jan. 19th. Congratulations to the person who now has this fine acquisition. 

Erin Endicott Sheldon made a gathering pocket exclusively for the Hank & Spool shop in November. The pocket sold within days. Now Erin has created a 2nd piece in the limited edition of 3. 

This sweetheart of a pocket/purse would be a perfect gift for yourself as an early Valentine gift, no?

Click on this link HERE to be transported to my shop to learn more.

This pocket is a welcome reminder that Spring isn't far away and I'll be walking sans boots, gloves and earmuffs soon. I think I need Erin to make a pocket for me.

Many of you may already be familiar with Erin's work. If not, take a look at her work by clicking on these links:

Facebook: Erin Endicott Contemporary Embroidery

Her website is:

Erin is the recipient of a 2012 New Jersey State Council on the Arts Fellowship.

Sew A Needle Pulling Thread

All photos of cards on wall, Erin Endicott Sheldon.

Detail, Sew Postcard from Merchant & Mills available in a package of 9 assorted images in my shop.

The SEW postcards from Merchant and Mills are eye-catching and sweet. Artist Erin Endicott Sheldon purchased a package and sent a few pictures of the postcards now adorning her space.

Erin used the Entomology pins to attach the cards to strips of linen.  There are 9 cards and each has an image of an item relating to sewing. The back has a place for writing a short note, placing address and a stamp. That is, if you could part with one to send to a friend.

Photo, C. Mauersberger

The Scotch Draper Erin Endicott Sheldon

Scotch Draper Gathering Pocket by Artist Erin Endicott shown on top of a grey/blue Scottish wool tweed woven by Christine Mauersberger. photo: C. Mauersberger



The Scotch Draper Gathering Pocket by artist, Erin Endicott Sheldon. Limited Edition 1 of 3 

(backing fabric is hand woven scottish tweed by Christine Mauersberger)

Modeled after  18th c. women's pockets. 

The front is Erins' own hand embroidery on raw Irish Linen from a small mill with limited production. It is lined with a charcoal grey cotton flannel. The binding and straps are antique linen mangle cloth and the back is completed with hand woven scottish wool tweed. The tweed was woven by me in 1986 at the Marshfield School of Weaving under the instruction of Norman Kennedy. I initially attended the school in 1978. This is a true collaboration.

Can be worn traditionally around your waist, or as a cross body bag.

Can be worn while taking your mindful walk and gathering stones, sea shells, and whatnot. Can be worn as a side purse for your cell phone and other essentials. 

Your hand fits nicely into the side pocket. It feels soft and cozy. Certainly its contents will be protected in the charcoal gray cotton flannel interior...

The pocket will be available for sale on Hank and Spool later this weekend. But you may email or call me if you'd like to buy this bespoke pocket before Sunday, November, 24, 2013. It will be offered for $200.00. Erin gets 80%/20% goes to me. 

Yay! The pocket sold on 11/23/13!

pocket opening

Back, Gathering Pocket, Erin Endicott Sheldon, 2013 (Scottish Tweed woven by Christine Mauersberger)


Erin's tag: SD for Scotch Draper No. 1 of 3


18th Century Gathering Pocket

These pockets were worn under the skirt. They could hold many small items and would not get lost. They were accessed through slits in skirts. Pockets where almost always decorated to show off their skill. See here.




A bit of background

Hank and Spool is my online shop and it is doing well. I am working on trying to have a balance between making my own artwork and selling fine sewing goods. It is my goal to bring reliable and desirable products to your door.

While I strike that balance, I can state with confidence that what I do know is that I am good at curating art. I was offered the position of head curator at University Hospitals in Cleveland in early 2012 and declined the position to pursue my own art more fully. I enjoyed my tenure there under Trudy Wiesenberger and was able to purchase art from many national and international artists including fiber artists, Lisa Call and Katherine Allen to name just a few.

The call to curate is part of my art skill. I am not an artist without being a curator. I have a particular point of view and aesthetic. 

Therefore it should be no surprise that I have asked Erin Endicott Sheldon to make a special commission for Hank & Spool.

Erin and I began our relationship in 2010 when she won Best in Show in FiberArt International for her Healing Sutra Piece. I when to see the show with my friend and fellow artist, Christy Gray I was drawn to her work and wrote to her as soon as I returned to Cleveland. 

In late 2011 Erin asked me to be in a show that she & Bruce Hoffman curated as part of Fiber Philadelphia called Intimate Stitches.

Last month Erin and I and I had a long conversation and realized that we had much in common. I asked her whether she would like to make something special for my store. 

Erin called me one day and said that she wanted to make a gathering pocket "for all those little things we pick up" She said that she was always finding small stones and whatnot in her own pockets. 

I think the Scotch Draper Gathering Pocket is brilliant. 

Who is going to own number 1 of 3? 

(that is if I can release from my hands)