Christine Mauersberger teaching

Exciting News

Open gate facing Lake Erie in my neighborhood

A new door as opened for me by my friend, India Flint and by Marion Gorr, owner of Beautiful Silks.

The Board members of TAFTA have invited me to teach at the 2014 Geelong Forum Textile Retreat in Corio, Victoria.

Sidewalk, 11/15/13, Lake Ave. Cleveland, OH.

This morning, Janet De Boer added the announcement on their enrollment page.

Please join me in Australia September 28–October 4, 2014. 

I will teach Spontaneous Hand Stitching where we will dive into responding to our personal reflections/reactions and stitch onto cloth. 

Sidewalk. 2012, C. Mauersberger

Here is the formal announcement on TAFTA's website:

EXCITING NEWS: The Award Winning CHRISTINE MAUERSBERGER from the USA is a recent addition to TAFTA’s Tutor Lineup for the Geelong FORUM 2014. She is offering a workshop on Spontaneous Hand Stitching. Find out more from the Geelong FORUM section of this website and/or from  You can also see her Creative Workforce Fellowship Video at: HTTP://VIMEO.COM/68777538/  And here is a very interesting set of information about her: About Christine Mauersberger

Tell, me will you be there? I'd welcome a chance to meet you in person.