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Translating Time into art installations

As I mentioned in my previous post I've been working in a temporary space in an abandoned house in Cleveland. The project is called ROOMS TO LET. The house is located in a neighborhood called Slavic Village, a nickname coined in the 1970's to acknowledge the people of Polish, Slovak and Bohemian heritage living there.

In 2008, Slavic Village was 'ground zero' for the housing foreclosure crisis in the USA.

You can see one of my 2 installations peaking out the upstairs window

Artist and Curator, Dana Depew installs a sign "Olympia" as a reference to a well-known theatre near E. 55th and Broadway in Cleveland.

Artist and Curator, Dana Depew installs a sign "Olympia" as a reference to a well-known theatre near E. 55th and Broadway in Cleveland.

A few photos of my rooms 'before' with my assistant, Steve, who is also my nephew.

The Slavic Village Development Assoc. cleaned the house out for us. It had been filled with years of detritus. Once cleaned out, I began to work about 2 weeks ago with limited access. 

I researched the history of the house itself and found the transfer deeds dating back to the Connecticut Western Reserve Territory around 1786.

My first intuition was to build nests.

Room 1 (BEFORE)


I constructed a nest by re-using the lathe from the walls of the room. A blue stained -glass window by artist, Dana Depew, emits light deep in the nest representing a vision for the birth of new hopes and dreams.


Once the NEST was up on the wall, we decided it needed light. My nephew cut a hole in the exterior of the house and inserted a blue stained-glass window.

I recorded the movements my computer mouse made while I did research online about the history of the house and of Cleveland. This is an image of recorded movements using an application called iographica

I spent about 10 hours of research in the archives and online to find the old land maps and deeds. 


PORTAL Red, pink, and orange flag tape has been stapled into the walls, floors and ceiling to convey the passage of time. Each line replicates the movements my computer mouse made as I clicked and moved through the Cuyahoga County Archives website to research the history of this house. The pink and orange portal in the middle of the room looks out onto E. 71 St. as a portal or place to hold our attention and focus amid the chaos in the room.

Steve cut a pass-way in the closet between the  2 rooms where visitors may walk from the PORTAL to the NEST and back again. By walking through the passage our perspective changes in drastic and fabulous ways.

Rooms to Let will be open this weekend only. May 16 -17, 2015. 1-5 pm both days. 

The Cleveland Orchestra will have several small ensembles play music in this house throughout the weekend. 

There are 4 houses in total for the project. 3 sets of curators, and 40 local artists participating.

My house is called the "Olympia House" and is located at 3810 E. 71st in Cleveland.

See the Facebook link HERE.

Making transparent colors and a show

This week, I was in the print studio twice. 

I've been printing with soy based inks (Akua) onto of my eco printed paper. I'm not 100% pleased with the results. They're good, but I want to build up transparent layers and the soy ink tends to be too loose and spreads too much, I'm not getting the fine details I want. 

The images below show some prints with the Akua inks.

Eco print then monoprinted with Catalpa leaves and Akua inks.

Eco print then monoprinted using a dried Catalpa leaf and Akua inks.

small eco prints then monoprinted using dried catalpa leaf and Akua inks


On Wed. I met with a professional printmaker to help me understand how to mix oil based inks so that I can make a beautiful transparent color.
I was avoiding using oil based inks on my prints mostly because I didn't want to use mineral spirits for clean up. However these days, my print cooperative has adopted environmentally friendly practices and use vegetable oil, simple green, and a mix of vinegar and water to clean up one's area after using inks. (There are other 'green' procedures in the studio as well).

I like using the oil based inks far better because I can control the ink and the transparency so much more easily. If you look very closely at the photo below, you can see a very faint film of green on the glass. Ah...transparency achieved with oil based ink. 

So happy that I can make the eco prints even more beautiful.

And here are two of my prints after having used oil etching inks. 

Eco print then mrnoprinted using 2 dried Catalpa leaves with oil based inks.

Eco print then mrnoprinted using 2 dried Catalpa leaves with oil based inks.

A gallerist stopped in to the studio a few weeks ago and loved the prints. 

She asked me whether I'd like to have a gallery show. 

I'll be showing the a collection of my favorite prints on  Feb. 2015 at Stillpoint Gallery in Cleveland, Ohio. 


Using entomology pins from Merchant and Mills in my stitched leaves to mount them into a tray. See more about the leaves here and here

Working on a large installation of leaves, thinking I want to pin them all to the wall. Some in the trays on a table and others on the wall.

Happy fall.

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