Spring Catchup

Hello Friends, 


Spring is here and my studio is blooming with new artwork!
I'm thrilled to announce that I received a 2nd Ohio Arts Council Award for Excellence in Individual Art. This is a highly competitive award and a true honor. And there is a nice monetary award that I'll receive. 
Keeping a list of new studio supplies that I'd like to acquire...


In the meantime, I completed this commission for a client in Columbus, Ohio. 
It is 24" high x 60" long. Watercolor and drawn lines. 

This work is connected to my love for stitching and lines and to my long walks near the shores of Lake Erie here in Cleveland, Ohio. 


After making the piece above, I decided to continue to paint and make more of this Aquascapes.  These works are now on view   at Heights Arts Gallery in Cleveland Hts, Ohio. On view now through June 18, 2017. 

Here are 4 of the nine plus works as they looked on my leather sofa.


I'm  in the last moments of completing my installation for the Biennale du Lin in the province of Quebec. I fly up there on June 12 and will install the work.


The opening reception is June 18, 2017. I will learn more about the exact location soon. There are 3 potential installation venues.

Here are a few images as it looked while I worked on the piece.

I hand dyed white linen with indigo. From deep blue to light blue and have layered the work to look like water. 
I will post images of the work once it's installed and looks exactly how I had envisioned it to be seen. This will happen in mid June.

Thrilled to see
my flax flowers blooming


And to realize that they are not all one color of blue just like the indigo-dyed linen I'm using for my installation.


I am also preparing to teach a 2 day workshop entitled Spontaneous Hand-Stitching in Perrysburg, Ohio for the Fiber577 event on June 10-11, 2017. I'll give a lecture on Friday night June 9. If you are nearby for the lecture or for my workshop, I'd love to meet you.
There are 2 spots open in my workshop. 

Thank you for stopping by. Leave a note, I'd love to hear from you. C

About Vermont

Some of you have asked me to write a bit more about my residency at the Vermont Studio Center.

photo: ©Maxwell Mackenzie
The dining hall in the Red Barn.

The Vermont Studio Center (VSC) is the largest international artist residency program in the USA. Each month, 50 visual artists and writers arrive in Johnson, Vt to engage in their own art making practice. 
Every one works on their own. The campus studios are clustered amid buildings, stores, and homes in the quiet little town of Johnson, VT. 

Wolf Kahn building where most of the painters have their studios.

Applications are open year round and once every 4 months several competitive fellowship are offered. 
The cost to attend is just under $4000/4 weeks. My portfolio and documentation was reviewed and I was awarded prestigeous Windgate Craft Artist Fellowship. It came with a nice stipend for materials and travel. 

It is a tremendous honor to be recognized by such an esteemed organization. The Fellowship was an extraordinary gift and gave me the chance to work without the daily interruptions of family life.

Walking tour (photo 1). My bedroom (photos 2 and 3).

Every artist or writer is given a private studio space, a private bedroom, and 3 communal meals a day. 
When you arrive you're given a brief tour of the campus and the keys to your rooms and with a smile from your tour guide, you are  left to sort out your time on your own terms. No one checks in on you but everyone is supportive and you may engage or disengage with others as you please.

I was given a studio space in the Shultz Sculpture building. 
Ah! a room of my own. This is what the studio looked like on the first evening. E
Empty and full of potential.

My daily ritual was to make a pot of tea, listen to music, and draw on a roll of black paper with silver marker. It was a way to loosen up my mind and get into my larger work. I stapled a drawing to the wall next to my sewing machine each day, as a calendar of sorts. 

View outside the window in the studio.

this is a snap shot of Caroline Halliday and her studio across the hall from me. She and I became buddies and found that we shared common interests in many things we drove up to Montreal one Saturday morning for a fabulous brunch. 



The VSC invites several professional working artists and writers to visit, give lectures, and provide private studio visits to the residents. 
I had two deeply important studio visits. The first from artist Nene Humphrey wherein she and I easily connected and we were able to talk about my work. The second was equally important to me from painter John O'Conner.

This is a panorama of my studio towards the end of my residency.

My experience as being part of an international community of artists in Johnson, VT was stellar. The daily back-and-forth discussions over lunch, dinner and in our studios late at night created tight and ongoing trusted relationships. This was truly a rare and special moment in time for me. 

Please feel free to comment, you don't have to have a squarespace account to make a comment or share information. If you click on any of the photos, they will enlarge on your screen.

Thank you for visiting, dear sisters and brothers in stitch.

This is about me

Christine Mauersberger from CPAC on Vimeo.

One year ago I received a phone call that changed my life. I won a Creative Workforce Fellowship (CWF) for my work as an artist in Cleveland, Ohio.

I wrote about this award here

I must confess, I was not going to share this video because I do not like to hear my voice nor see pictures of myself. 

The men who filmed me are good at what they do. I should honor their work, the award I won, and myself. 

Let me know what you think, because I still haven't watched with the sound on. oh dear.