Summer stitching any chance I get

I began stitching on an old piece of linen during my flight to Quebec to install my work for the Biennale du Lin (see here).  @June 12th.

The blue lines on the fabric were intended for embroidery to create a pillow top for a chair and davenport set. 

Nevertheless, I stitch what comes to mind and then let it go.
The fabric is approximately 36 inches long and 17 inches wide.

Here are a series of photos in process of this little work.


I began by drawing a tear-drop shape on the back of the fabric and then stitched from the back-side.



Thinking I may rip out this section and re-stitch, or maybe not.

Continued to stitch during our drive to Cincinnati to visit and held it up to the sunlight. 

Amid a week filled with having a 10 yard dumpster delivered so that G and I could clean the basement with the help of strong adult nephews.
 still managed to throw in a few stitches every evening


I'll decide whether to fill in more shapes with french knots to make it all black and make other decisions once it's completely stitched. 

Hope you are finding something good to do with your hands or eyes or mind or body.