Find time. Be Happy.

Always find time for the things that make you feel happy to be alive. 

Precisely one year ago today, I wrote about taking a class with master paper making artist,  Aimee Lee here

Now one year later...I find myself at The Morgan Conservatory in Cleveland once again. This time attend a workshop co-taught by Velma Bolyard and Aimee Lee. We made paper and plunged into learning a host of ways to use handmade paper including spinning it, making cords, making twine, and weaving. We also did a bit of natural dying using Japanese-harvested fermented persimmon, black walnut and made a fresh indigo leaf vat that produced a lovely gentle color.

Many thanks to Velma and Aimee for creating a stellar learning environment for us and teaching the art of using handmade paper.

Some of my paper and a piece of antique paper that I spun into string.

Just a view images of Velma's work and a book by Hiroko Karuno which explains how to spin paper and make string.

The bonus for me was to be with friends LottaJenniferDiana Angus and several other super-skilled artists.

I feel happy and want to continue to spin paper to make string so I can weave and stitch with it. 


Items Aimee has made by making paper, cording it, then twining to make baskets and other useful items. 


To see additional workshop images, take a stroll over to Jennifer's blog she has made posts about our class here, here, here and here.

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