Stitching leaves; Growing crystals

Stitching on Coccoloba uvifera aka Sea Grape leaves continues to fascinate me.  Stitching for stitching sake. Here are a few from this week and a crystal twist. see below...

Crystallized Leaf

Catherine McEver posted about her crystallization experiments here. She grew crystals on sea shells, paper, hand-made paper baby shoes and on a German/English dictionary!

As soon as I saw her post I scurried to the laundry, snatched the box of 20 Mule Team Borax, set the tea pot on heat and made a solution in which crystals are sure to grow

And why on not  a stitched leaf?

 Borax and water. Use 3 tablespoons of borax for each cup of water.

EXCERPT from Catherine's blog:

The formula:

- Use a glass or porcelain container large enough to immerse whatever object you want to crystallize.

- Boil water, and make a super saturated solution in your container using 1 cup boiled water per 3 tablespoons Borax.

- Immerse object and wait for crystals to grow.

- When you think it's crystallized enough, remove from solution and dry on drying rack. 


Side one, during the soaking process

Side 2, during the soaking process

The crystals look like salt

Side one, after soaking in Borax/water solution

Side 2, after soaking 

Gratifying and strange.

Other stitched leaves this week

Three stitches using metallic thread.

Couched vintage Irish Linen with silk/cotton thread.

Couched French metallic thread (copper color) with silk/cotton thread.

Garland (continued from last week) See more here

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Thank you, dear sisters and brothers in stitch.