Why I Choose Art Etc

My friend, Edith Antl has a swell framing shop called Art Etc. on Murray Hill in Little Italy near University Circle in Cleveland. I adore her. Not only is she a masterful picture framer, but she is a good business woman and fully-present friend. 

When you walk in the door, Edie will greet you with a big smile in her warm and welcoming front room.

She has a fine eye for selecting just the 'right' frame for your artwork.

When I needed to have my small studies framed for my show (Lines + Folds), I knew Edie was the perfect fit for me.  

We selected a black wood frame that has a little hit of red at the edges. I love it!

Here you can see how my small studies painted with gouache on paper, were displayed adjacent to the large installation piece. I used the small works on paper to inform my larger work.

Edie in her work room.

Edie is a fascinating woman. She can cook a tasty meal, give you steadfast advice, and melt your heart with her generous spirit and joie de vivre. She rides her bicycle everywhere. Yes, even on her wedding day...to her wedding! 

In spring 2007, when I wanted to ride my bike 12 miles to work, Edie would ride about 10 miles over to the westside and meet me at the Detroit-Superior bridge to escort me through early morning traffic. Those rides remain a solid A+ memory for me. Edie is a gently soul and patient educator. She taught me how to be in control of my space on a bike and to be aware of my surroundings at all times. Gosh...did I really ride that spring? At least 2 month or more.

A piece of Edie's supremely beautiful needlework, framed and hanging near the studio door at her shop. I wish I had a few more pics of her stitching.

My advice: if you ever are in need of expert framing for your work. Run, ride, or fly over to Art Etc. for all your art-framing needs. 

Your work will be in good hands.