drawing, and scratching

I usually start my day with a little doodle or drawing. This practice was reinforced when I was in Scotland and attended a workshop given by Sandra Brownlee

Detail of my doodle on 3.09 while talking to Velma Bolyard last sunday morning.

Sandra, on our first day in class.



Last evening, when my hubby, saw my the lines I made on black paper, he said I should try to make some marks on scratchboard then returned in short order with fresh board and tools from his studio. (he is resourceful).

The inky-black surface looked daunting. I was frozen in fear for marking it up and thought, "oh, I don't know if this is for me." George sat down next to me and gave me a little tutorial. He's such a gentle teacher.

This morning, I decided that I should try to draw a braid. First on paper, then on the board.


Pictures of my reference drawing and then some scratches.

 I think I can get into this. 



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