And the Linen Scarf goes to...

Morna Crites Moore, a.k.a Wicked Waif.  I used a website called Random Thing Picker and typed your names into the box, then press "Pick One". Haza! Lucky Morna. I understand it was her birthday yesterday...Happy Belated Wishes Morna!

Morna Crites Moore  will receive this soft linen scarf. 


This was a fun give-away and I enjoyed reading your responses. Many of you agreed that you would dip it into an indigo vat and/or hand-stitch onto it. Some of you mentioned hanging it in front of a window. I think we all agree that it is the linen 'calling' to us.  


Now onto what these retail for... 

The small linen scarf is $12.95

and I have Large linen scarves for $16.95 

And if you purchase 10 or more you'll get 10% off. 


Large Linen Scarf, 24" wide x 7.16 inches long

Large Linen Scarf, 24" wide x 7.16 inches long

On Sunday, this happened when I eco-dyed a la India Flint using the brand new fabric,

Silky Merino Jersey Knit

It is 10% Silk, 90% Wool. Lightweight and feels like your favorite t-shirt or what some of us (who are in 'that' time of life) and desire clothing that has a weightless quality.

Experimenting with eco-dye on silky merino

So happy!

2 yards total. 

I will make a long skirt from this fabric.  The jersey comes made in a tubular shape, therefore, I really got a total of 4 prints on the fabric, once I cut down one long side.