What Makes Something Better is Connection

Today a close friend shared some distressing news about her own health. She said that from the neck down, she's in great shape, but from the neck up, she's a mess. She has 2 health issues that are difficult to manage and despite her constant vigilance, she had a bad spell last evening.

What did I say?  

" I have no words", I said. "I am crying for you. I hear what you're saying and that sucks." But I also found myself saying things like, "you are one of the most vigilant people I know and you're doing everything you can" and "at least you're going to the Dr. today. At least this spell happened yesterday so that you're on the tail end of this spell so the he can see it." 

She knows that my words are given with love. I wanted to show empathy and found myself adding a bit of sympathy in the mix.

Then someone posted this link on FB today and it resonated with me, I hope it does with you.

I adore  Dr Brené Brown's TED talk here and here about vulnerability and now this her talk about empathy and connection that Dr. Brown gave at the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts is my new favorite. It as been animated by Katy Davis