Mended Feed Sack

Chase Feedsack

The Chase Feedsack is from Cincinnati, Ohio. it is seamless  and is 42.5" L & 19.5" W. 

used boots


Last weekend, I went to a Popup Shop in Rocky River for Stash Style owned by Shannon Vance. 

Owner, Shannon Vance.

Shannon sets up her shop in places from California and Texas to South Carolina and Ohio. For the last several years, she's rented a space to have a popup shop in Rocky River. Her aesthetic mirrors what is happening across the USA. I am impressed with her energy and style. Much of what she sells is vintage clothing that she has altered and embellished.

I found a few feed sacks and purchased 2. 

I adore the mending areas and may just have to stitch on it myself.

Mending detail

Mending detail