It's Thanksgiving on November 28 and it coincides with Hanukkah this year. It is a time for self-reflection and to be Thankful for what you've got, I am - aren't you?

I am thankful to Daryl Hall for his free monthly shows since 2007. And I especially adore UK musician, Rumer who I learned about when I heard her sign with him. I personally think she sounds better in his home studio than on her own tracks (sorry Sarah). Watch the full Episode 57.

Sarah's voice sounds like a wee dram of scotch with a splash of water. Swoon.

Listening to both Daryl Hall and Sarah a.k.a. Rumer makes me grateful for their gifts. 

If you don't mind, here's my real favorite from the episode.


Well, heck, each song is superb.  Watch the show and have plenty of room to dance and move near your computer.

And have that wee dram...