Still stitching on a black transparent blouse.
That rock is from my trip to Lake Superior last year

Slowly knitting this

The video shoot went well. 
The two videographers were calm and fellow artists themselves.
Ben and Paul asked really good questions
 and put me at ease 
and I hope I was able to be myself.
Did fumble a bit at odd moments, esp. when my mind 
interjected thoughts like "OMG, you are on camera, what are you saying??"

Still did not like my hair I decided to go natural and wild (i.e. no flatting hair dryer)
and minimized my look
 by wearing a grey Alabama Chanin organic cotton jersey 
pull over thingy (purchased at discount during their Mother's Day sale)
over a black shirt and skirt with very cool earrings made by Deborah Rosen

And feeling happy for Hank and Spool shop 
Wish my mama could be here to be involved. She would be pleased.

I will be adding fine wool scarves, silk broadcloth, and other goodies later this week.