Christy Gray Echoes of Important Things

Huge Happy Congratulations to my friend, 

for the Award of Excellence 

echoes of important things
17.5″ x 45″
©2013 christy gray

Christy has a deep concern for the earth and the 
invasive and unhealthy land-use practices employed today.

She sheds light on the changes in contemporary farm landscapes including but not limited to oil drilling, chemical runoff from fertilizers and the unabashed abuse of our natural resources. 

Christy was raised in a farming community south of Cleveland. Her imagery supports her quest. At first glance, one might think that her work is vibrant and fresh, upon closer inspection, the viewer comes to realize her underlying message.

Congratulations Christy! Keep making more work.

p.s.  some of you might have met Christy if you were in Cleveland on Oct. 8-9 for the India Flint Eco-Dye class.