A Pojagi trial, in my window

Last week, I saw this technique of piecing cloth together called Korean Pojagi (Bojagi) .
The seams are finished on both the front and
back of the work. Much like a flat felled seam  (my guess).

I decided to try my hand at it.
This technique dates back to the 12th century in Korea.

Traditionally, it is hand-sewn together
I decided to use my machine
and some bits and pieces of
materials from the thrift store mixed with eco-dyed silk
and some of my hand-stitched work.

Hanging on the design wall

Found patched hole in a cloth (from thrift store)

My older hand-stitched line work 
Apiece of hand-stitching from 2009

Korean Fiber Artist, Chunghie Lee  has written a lovely book
I would like to find a library to loan me a copy
but it is available here.