Laying Groundwork - It is official

Ground Work, 2012
Rubylith (transparency film)
thread, tulle
Textile installation
28 inches x 30 inches x 18 inches deep

Machine stitched cut rubylith sewn to a header of transparent tulle.
Installed 3 overlapping layers and suspended from 3 rods in ceiling

I received a most welcome letter in my mail today
regarding my submission for review to the 

Congratulations, it is official! The Ohio Arts Council Board 
met and ratified your recommendation for an 
Individual Excellence Award

It is an honor to have been given this award.

Having set my intention to make changes in my life 
so that making artwork would become a vocation, 
it is a good thing to know I am on road paved with support
from both my state and my county.

The groundwork has been laid. 

Off to my studio to make more work and push myself further.