Hildur Asgeirsdottir Jonsson

Hildur Asgeirsdottir Jonsson
b. Reykjavik, Iceland
Presently lives in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, USA

H. Jonsson
10 x 14 feet
Silk, Handpainted

This is Hildur Asgeirsdottir Jonsson standing in front of CORE.

Today is the first time she herself is able to see the work in its entirety.

Can you imagine, not being able to see your work until it is off the loom?
I know that all weavers experience this, but to me, it must be a bit nerve-wracking
to not have distance from the work.

10 feet high x 14 feet wide (304 cm x 426 cm).

I went to thWilliam Busta Gallery with my friend Christy 
to see it.
Bill Busta has represented Hildur since 1997 in Cleveland.
He has traveled to Iceland many times to install her shows
and has supported her and helped to develop her work.

We spoke to Hildur, who was generous with information about how she works.

She said that this is the 5th piece in a series 
Each work is 10 feet x 14 feet.
The weavings reference the landscape of Iceland.
She hand-paints the warp before weaving.

She said that the colors in she uses represent the colors 
she sees in the Icelandic landscape.
There is a moss that grows and has a bright luminance when the sky is grey.
(almost fluorescent) textiles dyes on warp are used to evoke those colors.

Core is the interpretation of a volcanic rock that she found in Iceland, 
the rock is no larger than a small apricot.
It is a volcanic rock and has a rough surface lumps and holes.
Hildur says, most rocks have a long history, these rocks are new volcanic rocks.
(referring to each of the 5 very large weavings)

 Her ability to take a small object from the earth and interpret its shape 
in a large weaving an impressive task.

Core, detail

Core, bottom edge detail

I will go to visit her studio soon and report more on her space. 
I am anxious to take pictures of the loom she used to make this piece!

I was thrilled to see this work in person.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
and please go to her website here to see more 
of her beautiful weavings.

 All photos are by permission of Hildur Jonsson.

Thank you Hildur.