FiberArt International 2013

Terry Jarrard-Dimond
Morpheous, 2012
Cotton fabric stained with ink and tea
machine pieced
raw edge appliqué
machine quilted
My good friend (and artist), Christy and I drove from Cleveland to Pittsburgh on Friday 
to attend the opening reception of FiberArt International 2013 

79 works created by 63 national and international artists are included in this stellar exhibit of contemporary fiber art.

Jurors, Kai Chan, Paulina Ortiz, and Joyce Scott had a formidable task to review a little over 470 pieces. The resulting exhibition is a fine example of contemporary trends in fiber art.

Excited to see my good friend, Terry Jarrard-Dimond, who has been a mentor to me since we connected, see here. Her workshop, entitled, What If? changed the way I approach my art practice. Brilliant woman!

We attended the Fiber Art Forum on Saturday where Juror, Joyce Scott gave a key-note talk. She walked to the podium singing And When I Die (made famous in 1966 by Peter, Paul, Mary, then later in the 1970s by Blood Sweat & Tears). Joyce is a prolific artist herself and I learned much about her point of view. 

So much fun to see the work of my friends, Elizabeth Brandt & Sandy Shelenberger. And to see other friends who came to the Forum.

See more about this exhibit on Jennifer Qudeens blog. Go here for nice photos of other art in the show.