Studio Space Work Table Arrived Today

I like the versatility of this work table.
It can fold up and be stowed away next to my flat file.

When completely open, it measures 60 inches wide  x 40 inches deep x 31 inches high.

As with the Flat File cabinet, it needed to be completely assembled.
Process took about 2.5 hours.

BTW, the flat file required much longer, about 5 hours. 
Not counting unpacking the three- 70 to 140 lbs boxes it arrived in.
The Flat file is a 2 person job. 
Or one person, then calling someone it to help flip 
heavy pieces when needed. Same goes for the Collapsible Table.

Or it can have only one leaf extended.

It folds to 14 inches wide x 40 inches long x 31 inches high

There are 4 cubby-spaces that are 40 inches long
And there is a tape measure affixed to the sides of the table.

And nice heavy casters.
It weighs about 140 lbs.

I recommend purchasing these pieces as long as you are a bit of an engineer.

As with most good things, time is your friend. wait for a sale. Sign up for email notifications.

The  Martha Stewart Collapsible Table retails for $499.00 plus shipping
I paid $340.00 and NO shipping.
The table arrived in 2 boxes weighing 70 lbs. each.

I received a similar sale for the Flat File (seen in 1st picture in this post)

P.S. Many thanks to the Community Partnership for Arts and Culture  and 
Cuyahoga County Arts & Culture for their support with my 
which is how I am able to afford the luxury of my new studio space.