Most loved and Still in Use

Backside of utility quilt  from my husbands family farm.
The studio remodel project is almost complete and now it is time for cleaning and purging.
Some lovely old utility quilts have been rediscovered. 
Made by my husbands mom or grandmother in the 1950s or 60s?, 
I imagine that these were well loved and did their duty.
George uses these to protect his artwork when in transport.
We have several more.

I washed a few and thought that we should not use them.

But they do have a purpose and should be allowed to do their job.


Childs Quilt from the family farm.
I might just have to use this little treasure to keep me warm.
Worn edge

As an update to my previous post,  may I present a new addition to our fleet- 

Pewter Paradise
(Toyota Venza)