Studio build out week 2

The work continues in my new room.  
My dear nephew Ken is happy to show off some of the semi-finished work.
Steve completed his portion of the job and Ken carried on with me.

My friend Martha and I drove to Ikea in Michigan where I purchased many cabinets

I assembled 12 cabinets in a staging area in my living room
We decided on a layout and added wood supports to the wall
Each cubby was attached to studs and is very secure.

I assembled the hardware to the doors

South view
West View
The cabinet doors presented a challenge. Not all of them hang straight, so I will have to bring in a professional to help me complete.

The unopened boxes contain this very heavy flat file. 
I shall attempt to assemble this beast later today.

Addendum to original post
My handy-husband was able to tweak the doors and made them hang jussssst right.

And I have started to unpack the Martha Stewart brand Flat file. 
I think there are 500 pieces. Yeah!