Fellowship Announcement

Road Ahead, 2012
Work in Progress
Christine Mauersberger

I've been holding onto this information since October 17, 2012 when 2 events occurred:

1. It was my 52 Birthday and I was spending a splendid sunny fall day with India Flint

2. I received an official phone call to congratulate me for being selected  as one of twenty artists who will receive a $20,000 award each through the Creative Workforce Fellowship, a program of the Community Partnership for Arts and Culture (CPAC).

And today, I am allowed to post the official news

My husband, George Mauersberger, received this award in 2011. I wrote about it here.
We are 1 of 3 couples in the county who have won this award. 
Don't you wish you lived here?

I am humbled and have many more miles to go on my road.