Up Up and Away, Moving towards new work

On a wind-fall walk last week, I spotted my friend and colleague, Kristen Cliffel on her new bike.  She saw my hands full of leaves and gave me a little burlap bag that she had in her nifty basket. (I posted a picture of a piece of her artwork at the bottom of this entry)
After my walk, I did some bundle-wrapped pieces. These were made on a nice thin wool. I found a long winter-white skirt at the thrift store and deconstructed it. I wrote about stitching on it in this previous post here.

Black Walnut
My friend Diana gave me a shear piece of silk that where she had dyed it with indigo. 
I decided to wrap some whole black walnuts in it.
(The walnuts were from the tree house yard

Last weekend, I went to Michigan with Martha to visit her mom.

I have been thinking about my work and reflecting on October.

It was a grand time and I met many of the women I only ever have a chance to 'see' online through their blogs and websites.

Now I will return to my palace contemplation and quiet to make more marks.

I hope you are making some good marks in your life too!


When I worked as a curatorial consultant for University Hospitals of Cleveland, I acquired this piece made by Kristen Cliffel entitled, Up, Up, and Away...