Pushing Lines Over Time. Words to Live By.

I started to draw small personal maps in my sketchbook in January 2009
Edge, 2009, Christine Mauersberger

Redland 11, 2009, Christine Mauersberger

Redland, 2009 Christine Mauersberger
You might remember seeing these as stitched pieces here
 or if you scroll down in this post here.
Remember this work?
Redland, 2009, stitched onto vintage linen Christine Mauersberger

Detail, Redland, Christine Mauersberger

And then I made an installation piece earlier this year see here.

I keep pushing this idea forward, I made this piece last month. 

Push, 2012, transparency film, tulle, 6 feet x 4 feet, 2 layers, Christine Mauersberger

Detail, Push, 2012, C. Mauersberger
My mom used to say, what have you done lately? What are you doing now? 
If you think of something do it! 
I think I got pushed into this, don't you?
One month ago today she left, 
this piece, PUSH, 
is what I made after she did.