Greenhouse Reminds Me to be Mindful

Staghorn Fern, Platycerium bifurcatum,  growing comfortably above the door to the greenhouse(s)
View from side street, not from Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. 

I have known about the Rockefeller Greenhouse Garden most of my life, as I whizzed down MLK Blvd on my way to classes at CMA or to visit the Clev Museum of Art, or to take harp lessons at CIM, or to work at University Hospitals or to the many places I frequent on the east side. 
You cannot see the greenhouse from the street, you must turn up a side street.

You must take time to slow down.

Never have I visited until this past week.
So I went twice
and I spoke to Perrin who works there and who said I could hold some of the India Flint workshops there. 
But, too many of my plans for the workshops are set in stone right now. 
Too many logistical changes would have to take place in a short period of time.

When you do something fast, it breaks.

Just like how mindful gardeners care for the slow growth of the Bonsai tree.  

A visit to Cleveland's  Rockefeller Greenhouse Garden (free and open to the public) yesterday found a room full of The Cleveland Bonsai Club members trimming their own Bonsai trees

I asked for the cuttings from this ficus tree, and
I will try some eco-dying later today with the little bits

Ponderosa Lemon

Persimmons on the ground, I must return and gather for potential eco-dye 

Who knew that Pomegranates grow in Cleveland? Under glass...

There is a lovely garden for the blind, complete with an audio guide, ropes to help navigate the edges of the garden and plant signs in braille.

Had I taken the time to visit this garden sooner,
India Flint's classes could have been held here.
Although, less students.
But next time!!!!!