Preserving Favorite Work Items

Apron, repaired and patched by me and previously by my momma.
 I hand-stitched onto some of my old dishclothes.

Aprons are a marvelous piece of apparel. I used to daydream that I would become a nun, mostly to be able to wear a long black frock. OK, that has nothing to do with aprons...
This good old gal has been mine for 20 years or so. My mom repaired it a few times and reinforced the neck loop.  
I'm thinking about doing some hand-stitching all over this white helper.
Stay tuned. 
The machine stitched lines are from when my mom repaired my apron.
Apron, detail
Update on this piece, I've removed the crosses and have started to stitch more circles onto the surface.  To be continued...