Momma Momma Momma

My mom passed away yesterday in the wee hours of the morning. We held vigil bedside from last Saturday night at 1 am until early Thurs morning. Each hospice nurse or aid treated my mother with dignity throughout her stay and in her final 5 days with the most respectful care one could imagine.

From the night nurses entering the room as if walking on air for they made almost no sound, with small flashlight in hand to check her, or if they needed to turn a light on, to cover her closed eyes with a tissue.

To the day and evening nurses ministering to her body with soft touches and repositioning her body regarding her as a fragile vintage china plate and gently whispering in her ear perchance she could hear them.

To the nun who came each day to pray over her and with me and my siblings. Offering us a chance to connect to a spiritual power to ease mom's pain. 

At times, I've shared a bit about my momma here here  here and here. I hope you don't mind if I share a few pictures of her busy hands and help me grieve for her.

My parents on the day I was born when she was 42.
I asked my mom to write a bit about this photo. She had 12 births and not all of them survived more then 10 months due to illnesses.

"Picture 47 10-17-60. Chris was born. It seemed (believe me) every child we had...It was a new lease on Life"

Mom removing my stitching at my request.

Making rugala cookies at my house

Ironing at my house

Deconstructing a silk blouse for me to use in my artwork 

Bertha Sulak 1918- 2012
One of her crochet-circles hanging in my window

The love she gave to every one of us is embedded in her legacy of over 71 progeny, of children, grand children, great grand children and even great great grandchildren.

In the river I know I will find the key
And your voice will rise like the spray
In the moment of knowing
The tide will wash away my doubt
'Cause you're already home
Making it nice for when I come home
Like the way I find my bed turned down
Coming in from a late night out.
Please keep reminding me
Of what in my soul I know is true

Come in my boat, there's a seat beside me
And two or three stars we can gaze into...

I'll wait no more for you like a daughter,
That part of our life together is over
But I will wait for you forever
Like a river... 

Carly Simon