Blue Now

Work in process. Some of the vintage fabrics have been over-dyed in an simple indigo vat while I was in  Michigan.

The light pale green swatch in the left column is a piece of my own baby blanket. My momma's 'go-to' choice for comfort. I know that some of my older sibs enjoyed this blanket before I was born, and most definitely my younger sister, Annette, cuddled with it. 

I cut into the little blanket last night and then I brought a swatch to my mom at the hospice. She held it, her finger tips that have turned blue as is what happens when the body begins to stop having a capillary response, and I was glad to tell her that I was using part of the blanket in a new work. 

I visualized her as a baby herself, then  she turned towards me and  asked whether I could make a little shawl for her shoulders with what I might have left.

Tears aside, here are some details as it is in process and will be stitched and handled with care.

Detail, spirograph image. I drew this spirograph with blue ink on paper, then scanned and printed it on an inkjet printer on cotton. The orange spirograph is printed on  a gauzy-type material- not sure I'll keep the orange. 

I printed these pieces in 2008, so I think they're fairly light fast...not that I really worry about that.

Some of the versions before I decided on a layout

More versions before I decided on a layout

My work is about the mapping of time. 

How do we map time?

When does it change? How do we know? why should I make these marks? Does it matter?

Each stitch is a mark of my time. Waiting, thinking, dreaming and wanting something to happen or not to happen. 

How do you spend time?