Rags Rocks Water

I want to stitch on fabric using materials I have available within my home.
I'm also obsessed with Japanese Boro, many examples can be found on Sri Threads blog Here

My dish towels hold the marks of my kitchen life. I really like the soft cotton.

if you look closely, you can see where my momma repaired the edge of the striped cloth with a zig-zag stitch on her sewing machine.

Early this month, I had travelled up above the 45th Parallel to spend time with two good friends, Barbara and Shanna on the shores of the majestic Lake Superior.
White Fish Point, Michigan
I was transported to a place of beauty and returned to my life in the city with a refreshed state of mind.
Lake Superior is the largest of the Great Lakes in North America
I took this picture when I was at the library in Paradise, Michigan in the Upper Pennisula

Indigo Vat that Shanna made using Michel Garcia's 123 method
I dipped some of my vintage linens in the dye bath for a bit
We didn't have time for me to overdye to get a darker blue, but I love these colors.

Inspiration comes in many forms, I'm happy my trip was filled with time well spent with lovely friends and rocks and water

Artifacts found in the ground before Barbaras cabin was built
I love how she has them displayed on the wall in the cabin.
Barbara's kitchen window
Eggs raised by Scott Turner in Boyne City, MI. Shanna brought these for us to eat.

Figs from California that I purchased before I left Cleveland