Paul Yanko: Tectonics

Paul Yanko
Originally from Ohio, now resides in South Carolina, USA
Green Shift Angle, Mixed media and collage on panel, 12 3/8"h x 12 3/8"w, 2010-2011

Social media can be a good thing. 
My friend, Terry Jarrard Dimond  whom I met on FaceBook and whom I have written about here, published an article about Paul Yanko the other day on her blog here.

Terry said that Paul has a show of his work at Proximity Gallery in Cleveland, Ohio.  Paul is formerly from Ohio and now lives and teaches in South Carolina where Terry lives. (Our lives our connected in such freakishly cool ways)

On Saturday afternoon, I stopped in to see the show and meet the owners, Beth Whalley and Alex Kelly. Two super talented and industrious artists, who had met while they were both in a drawing class taught by Paul when they were in art school (I love this story) and who became engaged to be married when they were installing Paul's work in their gallery.

I was thrilled to see Paul's work in person. I didn't realize that some of the pieces are quite small, while others are larger.

Detail, Paul Yanko (I didn't write the name of the piece down- sorry!)
The fractured shapes have a thin bead of paint that bleeds out from under (or around) the form. His solution to deconstructing the grid is to work a piece over time and to respond to what whats by chance. (please read about his process on Terry's blog.)
To me, his paintings evoke shifts of subterranean layers of rocks and gems.
Detail, Paul Yanko (I didn't write the name of the piece down- sorry!)
He may return to the gallery for a closing night talk. If he does, I will be sure to attend. And if you live in or near Cleveland, stop in and see this show. It is on view through September 1, 2012.

I've made new connections in Cleveland and hope to see more work at Proximity Gallery in the future.

Many thanks to Terry for the link and to Paul for the glorious work!