Little moves /room for a few more

Dear readers,
It's been slow going in the heat of summer here in Cleveland, Ohio. 

I've put a few stitches in here and there.

Putting stitches into an old USA Army blanket made of wool.
Adding stitches to an existing piece, veering off the to speak.

I'm going to visit northern Michigan next week to visit two friends and stay in a cabin on Lake Superior for a few days of connecting with my friends and stitching to our hearts content. 

I hope you're all having a grand summer (and winter if you're living in Australia!) 

There are still a few spots open for the India Flint workshops in Cleveland this fall. 
See my blog entry here send me an email if you want more information at

I'd love to meet you and have you visit Cleveland Ohio during the best time of year, that is FALL.