Emily Felderman: Re-purpused scissors and gears

Emily Felderman

Shaker Hts, OH USA

7 .5" x 4.5"
Private Collection

When I think of exquisite stitching, Emily Felderman's work is at the top of my list. I posted about her in 2010, showing you her small heavily stitched landscapes and leaves. 

Here, she has pushed her work quite literally in to the work-objects of life. 
Each of us has a favorite pair of scissors whether it is to snip threads or cut into fabric, to cut flower stems or to cut wire, no doubt, all of us have held a pair of metal scissors with the assured knowledge that this tool will do it's job. 

Emily has taken these long-loved tools and changed their purpose and made them an object of desire and memory. 

Do you still have your mother's or grandmothers' small embroidery scissors? 
3.5" x 1.75"
Private Collection

Or a pair of kitchen shears?
   8.25" x 3"
She has placed her stitches into the negative space in the small metal gears that her grandfather's tool box gave up.


Please spend time on Emily's website to explore her work here.

The artwork of Emily Felderman is included in the Small Show  at the Heights Art Gallery in Cleveland Heights, Ohio through June 2, 2012.
Emily said that she was hard-pressed to determine how to display the artwork. 
I like how she solved this problem. 
Bug Eyes
8" x 2.5

Bug Eyes as it was installed in the gallery

Emily's work at Heights Art Gallery, Cleveland, OH

Let me know what you think of Em's work.
I cannot think of a better way to retire our most beloved scissors, can you?