Hello Spring, My Mother has Regained Health

Dear readers,
Thank you for your kind words of support and shared stories of your own experiences with your aging parents and family members. 

I feel the warmth and love put forth towards me from around the world. 

She has recovered from the depths of illness and is moving about.

She wonders aloud what happened to her?

We (her family) are dazed in amazement at her stamina and will to live. It is a strange experience, to see her near death, just like my father. He didn't pull back. She did. What a woman! We where giving her morphine, the Priest was called for the Last Rites...

Lessons learned:

The passion for food and family is enough to bring the dearly departed back from the brink of death. I am not sure that is what brought my mother back. But it makes me chuckle to think that perhaps it did. 

She does like to eat...all 100# of her.
This entire life-event reminds me of a scene from one of my favorite 1987 movies, "Moonstruck"
“Johnny: There’s been a miracle.
Rose: A miracle. Well, that’s news.
Johnny: My mother’s recovered.
Rose: You’re kidding.
Johnny: Oh, no. The breath had almost totally left her body. She was as white as snow. And then, she completely pulled back from death. And stood up. And put on her clothes. And began to cook for everyone in the house—the mourners, and me, and herself—she ate a meal that could choke a pig.
Rose: That’s incredible.”