6 in Studio Show

Flow, C. Mauersberger, 2012

I posted about a show I was invited to participate in here called 6 in Studio.
Six artists were selected to create artwork in the gallery space of the Cleveland West Art League as a great experiment for a month to work on whatever artistic endeavor we wanted. 

I am pleased at the resulting works and I was more then thrilled to have this opportunity to experiment with my work on a large scale.

ARTISTS:Michelle Murphy
Christine Mauersberger
Grace Summanen
Meredith Hahn
Kelsey Leib
Laila Voss
PROJECT Juror: Dana Depew

I've posted quite a few images. 

Flow, side view
Metal rod and round screw used as hanging apparatus for my piece
Rubylith as I was cutting the material to sew it

Looking through Flow at Laila Voss's installation
Studio as it looked during the last "work-day"

Laila Voss

looking back at my piece through Laila's hanging roots

Laila's roots extend towards the windows.
Then you can see Dana Depew's bird housed out doors
Dana Depew
Dana served as juror for the 6 in Studio

Michelle Marie Murphey
Photo taken on one of our "work" days in studio.
I was up on the ladder, looking down at Michelle
as she tweaked images on her computer.
Grace Summanen

One of the 4 pieces made by Grace Summanen
Kelsey Leib

Looking through my piece at Kelsey's work.

Meredith Hahn
Picture above is of Meredith Hahn working on last day in studio.

Meredith Hahn, Grace Summanen, Kelsey Leib, Michelle Marie Murphy, Laila Voss, and Christine Mauersberger (not in photo) but my work is.